29 Jan 2015

january lust list

Kenzo Bags

So Shopbop introduced a new brand to their website earlier this week, and boy was it a big drop! Kenzo is finally on Shopbop and I'm majorly excited beyond words! I've been secretly lusting over the Kalifornia bag when I first saw it in stores. The edgy design, I'm talking bout the zippers that mimics a moto jacket, the chain handles, buttoned snap closures... I mean honestly, what's not to love?

With this new introduction however, it got my lust list all jumbled up. Apart from coveting the Kalifornia bag, Rebecca Minkoff has also launched new designs for their bags collection and man, they're looking real tempting as well.
From top left: Hudson Moto Cross Body, Waverly Cross Body, Julian Backpack & mini MAC Fringe Cross Body

I've been eyeing the Hudson Moto for the longest while now, but... Aside from these two brands, Loeffler Randall's Rider Bag and Rag & Bone's Enfield mini bag has got me crushing on them too.

Choosing the next bag to add to my collection is always the hardest but that's probably because I can't afford them all, so the most practical should be it, right? Or the prettiest of the lot? Or or or ... Help?

P/S: I have no idea when I've converted but it seems as though I'm loving bags more than shoes now, yikes!

23 Jan 2015

21st january

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photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Asos heart-neckline body, Covet Mireille Slit Maxi Skirt c/o Love Bonito, Chanel earrings, Pandora bracelet, Jeffrey Campbell Laramie heels c/o Shopbop, Valentino Garavani rockstud clutch)

Past the age of 21, growing a year older after that isn't something that I look forward to very much. The worries of first world problems really creep me out, like wrinkles, sagging breasts, getting fat, losing stamina and yada yada yada... Do you share the same worries or is it just me?

Turning 24 a few days ago was a simple affair spent with my boyfriend and family members. It basically revolved around food, food and more food. The only fun part was dressing up, because Love Bonito sent me a bunch of clothes that had me stressing which should be worn on The Day. This skirt from their Covet collection is just beyond gorgeous. Something about the cut, flare and fabric makes you feel all glamorous, and despite trying to tone down my ensemble, it still had my mum commenting it being too fancy. I mean c'mon Ma, "I'm so fancy, you already know"

Before signing off, I would like to thank every single one of you for all your well wishes on my birthday, be it personally, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Apologies if I didn't managed to thank you personally, but do know that I appreciate it. :)


P/S: Does anyone know how I can upload my photos without comprising their quality? Most of the photos are desaturated and it's driving me crazy how dull they look. If you have any solutions, please let me know!!!

21 Jan 2015

maybelline hypersharp wingliner

As a loyal customer of Maybelline (I swear by their mascaras and the old version of this very eyeliner), I am beyond thrilled about this new product and can't wait to get my hands on it!! If only drawing a wingtip is as easy as it looks though... (I'm not very skilled at applying makeup, that's why) If any of you have already tried it out, please send me your reviews!