2 Sep 2014


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Photos by Humairah Jamil
(Zara striped top and bag, Forever21 pants and hat, Superga sneakers from Shopbop)

Was beyond worried I would appear extra short with sneaks on but thank god for the illusion of angles. Illusions are probably the second best thing after photoshop. Then again, what's Heels & Wedges without heels or wedges?

Get your own Superga sneakers via Shopbop here, my personal favourite affordable luxury website with the fastest shipping delivery option everrrrr....!

28 Aug 2014

moroccan mint

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photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(off shoulder top from Nana, disco pants from Primark, Steve Madden heels, Tory Burch sling bag, floppy hat from Sydney, H&M shades, Michael Kors watch, YSL arty ring, Asos earrings)

Another successful trip to Bugis Street last Monday left me incredibly happy with this off shoulder top made from a gorgeous piece of multicoloured linen fabric. Who knew linen could be made sexy?! This piece totes killed it.

14 Aug 2014


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photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Milcah dress, Michael Kors watch, Cheap Monday shades, Mango wedges)

Never saw the need for fashion tapes till I bought this dress a few months back from an Indonesian label. A genius invention really. The tapes I mean. Not sure why many Hollywood celebrities risk going without it and then go,

"Oops, wardrobe malfunction!"

I mean, these tapes are called Hollywood Fashion Tapes for goodness sake. Not quite sure why I'm rambling about sticky tapes either, but anyway...

What drew me to this dress was the back that could almost pass off as the front... and before you say try it, I rather be sexy than skanky. This dress is beyond dangerous I'm not sure I can ever wear it again without having Nasrul go mad. Honestly, he thought I looked rather boring at first. All it took was a turn, a quick flash of my charming smile before I saw the fastest change of confusing expressions.

"Mehhh ... WOW ... wait ... WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!"

I wore a jacket for good measure for the rest of the day, fyi.


Before I abruptly go, as I always do, I've had people asking me where I bought my Michael Kors watch, and thought perhaps I should address it here. Head on down to Shopbop (click here) and be impressed with their wide range of watches, and other goods like bags and accessories available on the site. Or go crazy and spend hours browsing for shoes like me. Whatever. Just go. Be free.

Abrupt end.