21 Apr 2015

blazing [sponsored]

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photos by Masturah K
(Zara double-breasted blazer and kitten heels, Birue pleated skirt, tailored snood, Michael Kors watch, Furla bucket bag c/o Shopbop)

A black bag is essential in every woman's wardrobe, and I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't had one before Shopbop gifted me this black basic beauty of a bucket bag by Furla. I've bags in green, pink, orange, silver, red (yes, I need a bag in every color available in this universe) but none in black. No wait, I do... but not one that is roomy enough for all of my junk. The Furla bucket is big enough to fit my long wallet, DSLR camera, tissues, make up, shades, iPhone and yada yada yada... It is actually the smaller version of the two (yes, it comes in Large), but this size is already perfect for me, and besides it comes with a strap for slinging, while the Large doesn't. This black beauty is such a win for me, and I couldn't thank Shopbop enough! To view more of Furla's bags that Shopbop has to offer, click here.

15 Apr 2015

blinged in pink [sponsored]

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photos by Amalina Ahmad
(Zerene Sequinned Top/Jacket c/o Aere, dUCk Scarf in Oreo, high-waisted pants, Tory Burch clutch, Zara wedges)

As much as I love pink and sequins, I've made a grave mistake in wearing this out on a casual day, without having any fancy dinner dates or events at night whatever. Honestly, if I could get a dollar out of the number of stares I received just for blinding them out in this outfit, I would be hundreds of dollars richer (I nearly exaggerated by typing out a million, but I could be, if I counted the double and triple stares too).

The Zerene Sequinned Top/Jacket is fully lined, thus making it pretty comfortable and breathable to wear on its own, and that's what I did. If you're looking to purchase, I would highly suggest you do so. Not saying it just because I was sponsored, but it really is a piece that instantly gives grandeur and glamour, without having to fuss over anything.

To view Aere's complete collection, do check out her page here.

7 Apr 2015

shopbop friends & family sale [sponsored]

Shopbop is on a roll! Feels like it was just yesterday when I announced the sale to you readers, but now we're back with another set of sale, where you can take 25% off your orders (with the exception of brand exclusions). 

The sale has started as you read this, so I shall refrain from consuming too much of your time, but let me share with you when it ends, just in case you're still deciding if you should splurge or not (erm.. you totes should!)

Shopbop Ending Time: 4pm Friday, 10th April 2015
East Dane Ending Time: 4pm Sunday, 12th April 2015

Click the links below for more info on the T&Cs of the sale, including the brand exclusions.
Shopbop: click here
East Dane: click here

Also introducing the new brands available on Shopbop this month.

That's about all folks. Enjoy the sale, shop till you drop!