25 May 2015

blossoming lilacs [sponsored]

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photos by Nilam Asra
(dress by @thehashtagsg on Instagram, Sugarscarf Jane scarf, Chanel ring)

It's been a long while since the 1st (refer to last post), and I couldn't be more sorry that my time to blog now is limited thanks to a new office job I landed myself in at the beginning of this month. It's been exhausting! You have to understand that this change is new for me, this 5-day work week commitment. My last year in school saw a 3-day curriculum. After graduation, I've only been working part-time retail for a max of 3 days a week as well. Being an adult sucks huh.

Anyway, @thehashtagsg is an Instashop that provides modest wear clothing for locals. I love the lace details on the sleeves, and it doesn't hurt that I felt pretty in it too! Do visit them to see the other colours this dress is available in, and lend a support.

Till the next time!


1 May 2015

baby pink [sponsored]

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photos by Qimm
(pale pink snood c/o Halyaa, top from The Editor's Market, Argyle & Oxford pants, Furla bucket bag c/o Shopbop, Zara lace up sandals)

Greetings May! Hope everyone's having a great long weekend thanks to Labour Day. Spent mine throwing a Hen's picnic for my sister who's roughly a month away from getting hitched. Chose a simple outfit and an even easier headscarf option: a pale pink snood gifted from the lovely people over at Halyaa.

So here's the story. I was browsing through Carousell looking for snoods, pins and whatnot when I stumbled upon Halyaa's listings. Making an offer was instantaneous. I like anything sateen in material, and their snoods came with a very affordable price tag. Before I had the chance to make payment, the kind souls behind Halyaa offered to sponsor me instead. *Screams yay!* Being a real lazy being, snoods are truly my thing. I've yet to try instant shawls though... Maybe next time.

 photo _MG_5469.jpg

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


23 Apr 2015


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 photo _MG_5349.jpg
photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Sahara Shawl snoop, H&M jacket, Aijek pants, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Stoned by Q ring, Zara heeled sandals)

Now and then, it's fun to strip myself off colors and embrace the monotones. Sort of liberating and in this case, it feels clean and ... pure (yeah... keep them eyes rolling). Speaking of rolling, doesn't it feel like I'm on a blogging streak? Haven't been this hyped in a very long while and frankly speaking, I haven't felt this excited to dress up in years. This change definitely suits me well, but quite unfortunately, I'm running out of clothes. Like, literally people, I'm starting to repeat my outfits! Need my game of mix & match to level up ASAP. Creativity, you're on!