16 Jul 2014

nelissa hilman [sponsored]

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The best surprises come in the form of footwear. As biased as my opinions may be, there's no denying that this Nelissa Hilman pair of loafers are an instant attraction.

Originating from Malaysia, Nelissa Hilman is a designer footwear label made for the modern women who appreciates quality living. Designed to give maximum comfort and longevity, while at the same time promising quality and timelessness, each pair of Nelissa Hilman shoes are a piece of personal statement of style that are bound to give inspirations.

My choice of footwear is the Duma, a pair of loafers that resonates with my everyday style. A lover of animal print, the leopard was an ultimate win in my book. So many ways of styling this pair, from dressing it up or down, that I can't wait to show you my first ensemble featuring this gorgeous pair. While waiting for my next post, head on down to their website (here) and view the wide range of footwear available. You'll be spoilt for choices, trust me. Till then!

14 Jul 2014

of rambling thoughts and uniforms

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Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Miss Selfridge crop top, Kivee maxi tulle skirt, H&M leather jacket, Zara wedges)

With Instagram (IG) being an instant photo-sharing social media platform, and with my constant need to regularly update it, it is quite apparent that Heels & Wedges has been pushed aside and left neglected. Scroll down and you'll find that it has been exactly a month since my last post. The same old excuses apply, 1) unavailable photographers, 2) too busy with school and work, 3) sheer laziness.

Because of IG, the need to share my sartorial deets on the blog becomes a chore. Why go through the hassle of finding places to shoot, the hours of editing process, squeezing my brain juices for a write up, when you can simply post a photo on IG without a caption?

Then there's also the rise of new bloggers, rising 'Instagrammers' (for lack of a better word),  and suddenly this 'industry' feels way too clogged up and competitive. Trust me, when i was blogging years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and posing for the camera. Now, it feels like every photo will be judged and 'liked'.  It's one thing to stay alive and kicking, but to feel like it's work and no longer doing it for fun, I thought it better to update as and when I want to, and not for anyone else. I'm not saying I'm against new bloggers, there's nothing wrong with that, I'm just saying it's tough to keep up. It is also part of the reason why I held a giveaway last month, to gratefully say thanks to readers who are still here patiently waiting. In the words of RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Crew), you guys ROCK!


In other news, tulle skirts are still as relevant as ever, and with my undying love for pink, we can all sense a uniform of sorts in the making. The skirt's from an Indonesian brand I stumbled upon while on a work trip to Jakarta last month. Best purchase in a while yet. Can't wait to recycle the skirt and try out different looks!

14 Jun 2014

blooming pink

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photos by Nadilla Ratman
(Zara Boys shirt, skirt bought from The Editor's Market, Forever New pearl clutch, Charles & Keith heels, Cheap Monday shades)

The last of the midi skirt series featuring this floral number scored on the last piece rack of The Editor's Market. About time I get over it already, don't you agree? Took me long enough to get bored of this style and am trying to get back all that fierceness I stored at the back of my wardrobe. Dying for some leather pants right now, though I doubt I can stand an hour wearing it in this heat we're suffering from as of late. Perhaps my obsession with skirts were heightened for the simplest reasons; breeziness. Hmmm... that does put two and two together. Anyhow, that aside, let's all get back to the part everyone is waiting for.

The two winners that I've picked for my FB giveaway contest are...

*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*

Hope Mi & Noor Syakirah Jamal!!! (base on your FB names)
Congrats girls! Look forward to my email soon. Thanks to everyone else who joined this giveaway, so grateful to you and all you other readers for being here.

Cheers to the weekend!